Undergraduate Program

For a description of the learning goals of the Undergraduate Program in Economics, please click here

New Course Fall 2015

ECON-452 Behavioral Economics by Prof. Luca Anderlini

This course explores the relatively new field of Behavioral Economics. We will examine parsimonious models that attempt to explain systematic departures from economic behavior generated by classical preferences and rationality.

Majoring or Minoring in Economics

Requirements for a Major in Economics or Political Economy (COL), a Major in International Economics or International Political Economy (SFS), or for a Minor in Economics (COL, FLL, MSB, NHS).

Undergraduate Advisors

Graduating with Honors in Economics in the College and in SFS

Non-Georgetown Course Credit

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Undergraduate Research in Economics

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Grad School

The PhD is a research degree. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Economic Research (academia, government, or private sector), look here for some advice.

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