PhD Program

Following guidance from Georgetown University and the District of Columbia, the Economics Department will be operating on a revised schedule.

Some classes will have optional in-person components; all classes will have an on-line option.  The delivery of classes will be organized so that no students will be disadvantaged. Those following from remote locations will have a full complement of materials (lectures and recitations included of course), and those present in D.C. on a student visa will be able to fulfill all the conditions that are required by their physical presence in the United States. Class materials will be available asynchronously to accommodate students studying in remote locations.
All scheduled seminars will take place on-line. 

See the individual class and seminar listings for details and this page for Georgetown University’s COVID-19 responses.

Welcome to the PhD Program

The Georgetown University Economics Ph.D. program is a full-time program designed for students who seek research careers on the forefront of economic science. The Ph.D. program provides an excellent training environment for future scholars. Located in the nation’s capital, it is ideally situated for both students specializing in the pure science and those who wish to study policy informed by the science.

Members of the PhD Class of 2019

Main Contacts

  • Julius Shapiro serves as the PhD Program Coordinator. Please contact him first with any questions related to the PhD Program.
  • Professor Toshi Mukoyama serves as Director of Graduate Studies and is responsible for the PhD Program.
  • Professor Martin Ravallion serves as the PhD Admissions Director.


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