Tutoring for Undergraduates

The School of Foreign Service and Department of Economics offer free peer tutoring services to students in Econ-001, Econ-002, and Econ-003.

Tutoring for the Econ 001 and 002 final exams will be held at the following times:

Wed. May 3, 8pm to 10pm, ICC 118: Katie Hyland and Roberto Diaz
Thu. May 4, 4pm to 6pm, ICC 106: Zachary Frial and Mitali Mathur
Thu. May 4, 8pm to 10pm, ICC 106: John Horton and Cate O'Leary
Sun. May 7, 4pm to 6pm, ICC116: Marguerite Guter and Mitali Mathur
Sun. May 7, 8pm to 10pm, ICC 116: Zachary Frial and Roberto Diaz
Mon. May 8, 4pm to 6pm, ICC 118: John Ferraro and John Horton
Mon. May 8, 6pm to 8pm, Maguire 104: Katie Hyland and Marguerite Guter
Mon. May 8, 8pm to 10pm, ICC 118: John Ferraro and Cate O'Leary