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Our training courses are designed to be of particular benefit to economists and social scientists in the public and private sectors wanting to know how to use econometric methods and a variety of data to inform policy making.

They run over 1 or 2 days in the new facilities of Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies located in downtown Washington, D.C. at 640 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.

The price for each of the courses is as follows: Students from Higher Education Institutions $500; Faculty and Staff from Higher Educational Institutions $950; Government and Non-Profit organization employees $950; All others $1750. Note we will assign a limited number of places for students.

In order for you to attend one of our courses, you must register and pay through Eventbrite. If you only register for the course and not submit payment, your seat won’t be guaranteed until you provide payment. 

Spring 2024

General Information

Title: Difference-in-Differences Methods
Date: April 25-26, 2024
Time: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Instructor: Professor Jeffrey Wooldridge
University Distinguished Professor of Economics
Michigan State University

Course Description

We will cover difference-in-differences methods for policy analysis, with an emphasis on
panel data. However, I will also discuss how flexible regression methods apply to
repeated cross sections. We will begin with flexible regression-based methods, including
two-way fixed effects estimation of a flexible equation allowing for staggered
interventions and heterogeneous treatment effects. Imputation methods and doubly robust
methods based on rolling estimation (including long differencing) also will be covered.

I will make connections between standard difference-in-differences estimators and eventstudy estimators, including how to make event-study methods more flexibly by
controlling for covariates in order to relax the parallel trends assumption. We will discuss
how to test for pre-trends and how to adjust for heterogeneous trends.
Other topics include modifications required if there is no never treated group, how to
allow for exit from treatment, how to handle unbalanced panels, and issues that arise with
time-varying control variables. We will also learn how one can obtain inference in
situations with a small number of cross-sectional units, as well as provide an overview of
synthetic control methods.

We will briefly cover extension of regression-based methods to non-binary treatments. I
will show how linear regression methods extend to nonlinear difference-in-differences
methods for binary, fractional, and nonnegative (including count and corner solution)
outcomes. The final topic shows how methods for panel data can be modified for
repeated cross sections.

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Students (Non-Georgetown University) $500.00
Faculty and Staff from Higher Education Institutions $950.00
Employees from Government and/or Non-Profit Organizations   $950.00
General Admission   $1,750.00 


This course will be held at the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies located in downtown Washington, D.C. at 640 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.

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