Registration/Coursework Forms

This form which can be obtained in the Registrar’s Office – WGR G01 (temporarily in Car Barn, 1st Floor) is used by students to sign up for classes that require instructor permission. It can also be used to add or drop classes when online registration has closed. Please be aware the the Registrar’s Office is very strict about the close of Add/Drop each semester. Check the registrar’s website and make sure that you get the appropriate signatures with plenty of time.

If a student plans to take a tutorial, this form must be completed by the student in conjunction with the professor who will be conducting the tutorial.

Leave of Absence

The University recognizes that students may find it necessary to interrupt their studies, experience medical situations that significantly limit their ability to function successfully, or need to take leave in connection with the birth of and/or full time care of a new child during their period of enrollment.

For more information about leaves of absence, please refer to the Graduate Bulletin, Section VII.

Thesis/Dissertation Forms

To be completed by the student before the actual dissertation proposal topic defense. The student defending must bring this completed form to the defense. After a successful dissertation proposal topic defense, this form will need to be signed by all the dissertation committee members and the Director of Graduate Studies. The student will then need to submit the original of this form with all the necessary signatures to the Graduate Program Administrative Officer.

To be completed by the student, signed by all the dissertation committee members. After this form has been signed, the student must submit it to the Graduate Program Administrative Officer, who will make a copy of it for the student’s file and submit the original to the Graduate School. This needs to be received by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at least one week prior to the student’s actual dissertation defense.


To be completed by the student for a change to a program of study. This is mainly used nowadays for students who would like to drop out of the program and just get their terminal Master’s degrees. 

  • Application for Graduate Degree Form

To be completed and submitted to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences for the student to get his/her degree (M.A. or Ph.D.). This form will ensure that you receive your degree/diploma on time. Degrees are awarded every month except for June — all degree requirements must be completed by the last business day of the month to receive the degree. This form is valid for 3 months after the first month requested for graduation, e.g. an application submitted now for a May 2004 degree will be valid for May, July and August 2004. Therefore, for those students who must submit a thesis and who do not know how long final revisions to the thesis will take after the defense, the application for graduate degree will be valid for 3 months assuming that your thesis along with all the supplementary forms are submitted within three months after you turn this form in to the Graduate School. Applications can be faxed to the Graduate School at 202-687-4378.