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Posted on 12/12/2023: I am an Economist at the IMF Research Department. I am reaching out to you since we are currently looking for some RA help and I thought that you might know skilled students who can be interested.

We are working on a text analysis project and we would like to hire four students to classify sentences. To do so, we would expect candidates to have good judgment of basic economic non-technical concepts and possibly being English mother tongue. Since it is a repetitive task, candidates should also be committed and interested – sometimes these contracts might open the door for future internship possibilities conditional on the candidate’s performance. The contract will start in Jan and it will last for 2 month, 4h per day – remotely. There will be an introduction session, likely at the IMF, and we could held regular meetings for monitoring and feedback.

Unfortunately we have a tight timeline and we would need to put down a list of selected and interested candidates by this Friday.

I am happy to have a call with you to explain further the skills we are looking for and answer any query.

Thanks for your kind attention,

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Research Assistant Opportunity: Text Analysis Project

We are seeking four research assistants for a text analysis project, specializing in text interpretation and sentence classification. The results from the human sentence classification are a key part in identifying good algorithms for machine sentence classification and text interpretation. Ideal candidates have strong work ethics, attention to details, are proactive, willing to learn new concepts and demonstrate a sound understanding of basic economic non-technical concepts. English fluency, either as a native speaker or with equivalent language skills, is essential. Work is expected to be completed remotely.

Contract Details:

Start Date: January/February

Duration: 2 months

Total working days: 20 days (~4 hours per day)    

Compensation: $40 USD per hour

Onboarding and Engagement:

An introductory session, potentially at the IMF, will kick off the project.

Regular virtual meetings will be held for ongoing monitoring and feedback.

Benefits for Students:

Gain exposure to the IMF’s work and establish connections with staff.


Selection Process:

Minimum Qualifications: Undergraduate degree and work authorization.

Phase 1 – Interview with Project Managers:

Assess candidates’ grasp of economic concepts and language proficiency.

Explore their interest in the IMF and commitment to the project.

Phase 2 – HR Qualifications Review:

HR evaluates the submitted documentation.

Final selection of research assistants for contract offers.

Interested candidates are expected to send the application, their transcript and their updated curriculum to (new window) by Friday December 15.