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Posted on 10/19/23: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is accepting applications for Statisticians in the Bureau of Economics. I wanted to reach out to let you know about this great opportunity for senior Economics majors and provide some application information for any of your students that might be interested in the position.  

About the FTC 

The FTC is an independent agency with a unique dual mission to police unfair methods of competition and target unfair or deceptive practices across the economy. The FTC is dedicated to advancing the interests of consumers, workers, and honest businesses while encouraging innovation and promoting a fair economy and widespread prosperity. The FTC’s work is performed by the Bureaus of Consumer Protection, Competition, and Economics. To learn more information about the FTC please visit (new window)


In this role, you will gain real-world experience by working alongside PhD economists to protect consumers and promote competition in the US economy. Statisticians work alongside economists to support FTC matters, including: 

  • providing economic and statistical analysis in support of antitrust and consumer protection investigations, cases, and rulemaking
  • conducting academic research and developing reports on the functioning of markets in the economy 

To learn more information about the experience of a Statistician at the FTC please visit: (new window) 

Ideal candidate 

The ideal candidate for this position will have: 

  • coursework in statistics, economics, and mathematics 
  • some interest and proficiency in programming languages for statistics or data science such as Stata, R, or Python 
  • a genuine interest in the economics of competition and consumer protection 

Position length 

Note, all recruitment is for positions starting Summer 2024 in Washington, DC for a term position of one year with renewal for up to four years. 

How to apply

All applications must be submitted through USAJOBS: (new window).

The deadline for applications is 10/31

Tips for the application 

  • Self-Assessment: The application includes self-assessment questions relating to the skills in the job posting. These responses will be reviewed by HR to determine if the candidate is qualified for the position. Candidates should be honest in their responses about their knowledge of a subject but not modest. When the candidates are rating themselves, they should consider their knowledge on a subject relative to the entire population (not just their classmates or peers).  
  • Resume: We advise candidates to use the resume builder within USAJOBS. 
  • Cover letter: Please discuss your interest in economics and the FTC in your cover letter.