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Posted on 12/12/2023: Candidates may send their CVs to Eric Bang ( ) and Chanpheng Fizzarotti ( )?

IMF Research Analyst Opening

Working under the direction of the Economic Counsellor and his advisors the primary responsibility of the Research analyst will be to prepare materials for the regular Executive Board sessions on World Economic and Market Developments (WEMD), International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC), and outreach presentations .

The Research Analyst will prepare publication quality package of charts and tables for distribution to the Executive Board prior to each WEMD session that illustrate key developments in the global economy, including both macroeconomic developments and trends in the mature and emerging financial markets, and develop and maintain comprehensive and fully-documented cross-country databases in accordance with Fund-wide data management standards and policies.

The Research Analyst will provide support for the Economic Counsellor’s public engagements, including keynote speeches, conference presentations and meetings with country authorities. In addition, Research Analyst will provide support for speeches for management and topical briefings on key issues raised by the Executive Board, the IMFC, or as suggested by the Department’s ongoing research.

The Research Analyst work entails accessing and manipulating macroeconomic and financial market data from a wide range of sources, including the WEO, GDS, IFS, WEO, WEFA, Haver, DataStream, Reuters, Bloomberg, OECD, World Bank, etc. The position requires frequent and effective communication with desk economists and research analysts in area and other functional departments.

The Research Analyst will also be expected to perform underlying analytical work and empirical analysis for research papers and publications. The candidate is expected to provide a wide range of research support from bibliographical searches, gather data including from less known sources, organize user-friendly and analytical databases, perform both simple and sophisticated statistical and econometric analyses of these data, present results in tables and charts, and prepare PowerPoint presentations for ongoing or completed research projects.


In addition to the qualifications set forth in the IMF job standards, the selected candidate must possess in-depth knowledge of macroeconomic relationships, statistical concepts, and econometric techniques, as well as strong analytical and computer programming skills (understanding of statistical software and libraries for data management and econometric analysis, especially in STATA, R, Excel, and Python).

A thorough knowledge of Fund and other databases, as well as computer systems capabilities, user languages, software packages, and programming skills are required. 

Candidates should possess:

  • A keen interest in following global macroeconomic and financial market developments, be self-motivated, and be able to anticipate future needs and problems, and to perform tasks quickly and accurately under pressure;
  • The ability to work independently with minimum supervision and to be accountable for the accuracy of both analysis and programs; 
  • The ability to handle a wide variety of tasks and to work efficiently under tight deadlines; and
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to interact effectively with staff at all levels and in different areas of the Fund.
  • The ability to analyze large micro data sets and put together data and also run statistical analysis (VARs, local projections, regressions, modeling and calibration skills of basic DSGE models) produce charts, tables.