Opportunity at OMB

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OMB seeks an economics master’s or exceptional undergraduate students in your program would be interested in an opportunity to join the Office of Management and Budget as an economist student trainee under the Pathways program.  In addition to being paid, if a student fulfils certain program requirements it allows for non-competitive placement into Federal service. A selected student would work within the Budget Analysis Branch and will participate in a cross cutting effort exposing them to economists within OMB, CEA, and Treasury among other things.  Several offices within OMB will be hiring from this posting.  A short description of my office is below along with the job posting link.


OMB’s Budget Review Division (BRD), Budget Analysis Branch (BAB), is looking for a student with an background in economics who is detail-oriented, self-motivated, and interested in refining and expanding upon their economic modeling and macro-economic skills.  BRD has a unique role within OMB that provides opportunities to work with offices across the Agency and the Executive Office of the President (EOP) as well as see the budget process from a macro perspective.  BAB is responsible for a wide variety of functions related to the assimilation and quality-checking of data on a wide range of topics and programs across the Federal government, including playing a vital role in the creation of the economic assumptions that underpin the President’s Budget request.  Specific work assignments may include: updating models forecasting various economic outputs and the relationship of those outputs to Federal programs; recreating existing economic models with different coding technology; and preparing technical reference materials.  Across OMB and the EOP, the intern will attend meetings alongside BRD colleagues, and in the process, meet and learn from both political and career staff across the Agency.