Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation Requirements

The senior seminar has been replaced with the 400-level course.  You must take at least two 400-level courses to complete your degree requirements.  Honors candidates must take at least three.

AP Credit

No.  The AP exam does not cover all of the topics that are included in Econ Stats.

Choosing an Advisor

The default advisor is the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  You can always have your forms signed by the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Substituting One Course for Another

  • If you are a major in SFS, the answer is no.
  • While Economics majors are encouraged to take Econ-121, students who have taken Math-140 will be given credit for Econ-121.
  • Econ Minors in the College can substitute Econ-121 with Math-040
  • Econ Minors in the Business School can substitute Econ-121 with OPIM-174.

For the full list of substitutes, please visit the Major and Minor pages.

I am a second semester sophomore, have just discovered economics and plan to major in it.  I am also planning to spend my junior year abroad.  How can I meet my requirements?

You have a problem.  Summer school can help: both Macro and Micro Theory are offered at GU’s summer school.  The stumbling blocks are Econ Stats and Econometrics.  See the Undergraduate Coordinator to see what options you have. 

400-Level Courses

All majors(2006 and after) are required to take at least two (2) 400-level courses.

If you have the prerequisites, we encourage you to do so.

Complaints about Grades

The first step is to appeal in writing directly to the professor.  If the outcome of that is not satisfactory and you wish to pursue the matter, write a letter to Professor Behzad Diba.  Your letter should include the grade received, the details of the complaint and the professor’s response to the first appeal.