Current Job Market Candidates

Placement Director: Prof. Susan Vroman

Placement Administrator: Julius J. Shapiro

Welcome to the Placement website of the Department of Economics. I am pleased to provide information describing the Georgetown University Department of Economics Ph.D. candidates who are on the job market this year. Each candidate’s website includes a CV, research description, and links to papers. All will be attending the ASSA virtual meeting in January 2021 and will be available for interviews. Some of the candidates will attend the virtual EEA meeting. I am happy to provide any additional information.

Susan Vroman, Placement Director


Job Market Paper: “Courting Legal Change: Dynamics of Voting on the US Supreme Court

Fields: Primary: Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics
Secondary: Law and Economics, Structural Econometrics

References: Laurent Bouton, Garance Genicot, John Rust, and Neel Sukhatme (GU Law Center)

Job Market Paper: “Does Increasing Block Pricing Decrease Energy Use? Evidence from the Residential Electricity Market

Fields: Primary: Environmental Economics, Public Economics
Secondary: Applied Econometrics

References: Arik Levinson, Susan Vroman, Margaret Walls 

Job Market Paper: “Faster Shipping or Cheaper Price? Gender Differences in Online Shopping

Fields: Primary: Applied Microeconomics
Secondary: Industrial Organization, Sports Economics

References: John Rust (Main Advisor), James Angel, Shiliang Cui, Ian Gale

Job Market Paper: “College and Lifecycle Earnings Inequality

Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics, Computational Economics,
Secondary: Economics of Education and Income Inequality

References: James Albrecht, Susan Vroman

Maria Hernandez de Benito

Job Market Paper: “The Effect of Violent Crime on Intrahousehold Resource Allocation and Bargaining Power

Fields: Primary: Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics
Secondary: Household Economics, Gender, Crime 

References: Garance Genicot, Martin Ravallion, Andrew Zeitlin

Job Market Paper: “Home Production Marketization, Routinization and Job Polarization.”

Fields: Primary: Applied Microeconomics
Secondary: Development Economics

References: James Albrecht, Susan Vroman

Job Market Paper: “Fiscal Stimulus, Credit Frictions and the Amplification Effects of Small Firms

Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics
Secondary: Fiscal Policy, International Economics, Public Economics

References: Mark Huggett (Main Advisor), Dan Cao, Toshihiko Mukoyama and Guillermo Vuletin

Job Market Paper: “Polling Place Location and the Costs of Voting

Fields: Primary: Development Economics and Political Economy

References: Laurent Bouton, Garance Genicot, Martin Ravallion

Umberto Muratori

Job Market Paper: “Knowledge Diffusion, Markups, and Cohorts of Firms

Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics
Secondary: Innovation, Economic Growth, Firm Dynamics, Labor Economics

References: Toshihiko Mukoyama (Main Advisor), Adriana Kugler, Dan Cao

Jacquelyn Pavilon

Job Market Paper: “Why Protection is Important: the Impact of Uncertainty on Refugee Integration

Fields: Primary: International Migration, Labor Economics
Secondary: Political Economy

References: Anna Maria Mayda, Rodney Ludema, Sharat Ganapati

Job Market Paper: “Mass Immigration and the Response of Native Workers: Evidence from Austria

Fields: Primary: International Migration, Labor Economics
Secondary: Applied Microeconomics, Spatial Economics, International Economics

References: Anna Maria Mayda, Ferdinando Monte, Caglar Ozden

Nikoloz Pkhakadze

Job Market Paper: “Polarizing Cheap Talk

Fields: Primary: Microeconomic Theory
Secondary: Industrial Organization

References: Axel Anderson, Luca Anderlini, Roger Lagunoff

Job Market Paper: “The Gender Gap across the Wage Distribution in Chile: An Application of Copula-based Methods

Fields: Primary: Labor Economics
Secondary: Gender Economics, Applied Econometrics

References: James Albrecht, Susan Vroman, Anna Maria Mayda

Job Market Paper: “The Impact of Different Foreclosure Laws on Mortgage Foreclosure

Fields: Primary: Financial Economics
Secondary: Household Finance, Banking

References: John Rust (Primary Advisor), Christopher M. James, Toshihiko Mukoyama

Job Market Paper: “Strategic Dynamic Pricing for New Products with Social Learning: the Case of Chobani Greek Yogurt

Fields: Primary:  Empirical Industrial Organization, Quantitative Marketing
Secondary: Applied Microeconometrics, Machine Learning, Computational Methods

References: John Rust (Main Advisor), Nathan Miller, Sharat Ganapati

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