Current Job Market Candidates

Placement Director: Prof. John Rust

Placement Administrator: Julius J. Shapiro

Welcome to the Placement website of the Department of Economics. I am pleased to provide information describing the Georgetown University Department of Economics Ph.D. candidates who are on the job market this year. Each candidate’s website includes a CV, research description, and links to papers. All will be attending the ASSA virtual meeting in January 2023 and will be available for interviews. Some of the candidates will attend the virtual EEA meeting. I am happy to provide any additional information.

John Rust, Placement Director


Carolina Concha-Arriagada

Job Market Paper: “Should I Stay, or Should I Go? Strategic Responses to Increase College Admission Chances

Fields: Primary: Applied Microeconomics, Economics of Education
Secondary: Development Economics, Political Economy 

References: Garance Genicot (GU), Laurent Bouton (GU), Mary Ann Bronson (GU) and Christopher Neilson (Yale)

Job Market Paper: “Safe Assets in Emerging Market Economies”

Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics, International Finance
Secondary: Monetary Economics

References: Dan Cao (Main Advisor-GU), Behzad Diba (GU), Toshihiko Mukoyama (GU)

Job Market Paper: “Intertemporal Price Discrimination in Consumer Packaged Goods

Fields: Primary:  Empirical Industrial Organization
Secondary: Structural Econometrics

References:  Nathan Miller (GU), John Rust (GU), Gloria Sheu (Federal Reserve Board)

Job Market Paper: “Race, Criminal History, and Prosecutor Case Selection: Evidence from a Southern U.S. Jurisdiction

Fields: Primary:   Applied Microeconomics
Secondary: Economics of Crime and Political Economy

References:  Laurent Bouton (Main Advisor-GU), Garance Genicot (GU), Neel Sukhatme (GU Law Center), Rory Pulvino and Jared Fishman (Justice Innovation Lab)

Job Market Paper: “Is Employment Protection Legislation Actually ‘Protective’? Evidence from South Korean Labor Market”

Fields: Primary:   Labor Economics
Secondary: Applied Microeconomics

References:  Susan Vroman (GU), James Albrecht (GU), John Rust (GU)

Arturo Romero Yáñez

Job Market Paper: “Money in Politics: Quid-Pro-Quo in District Courts in the U.S.”

Fields: Primary: Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy 
Secondary: Development Economics, Law and Economics

References:  Laurent Bouton (GU), Garance Genicot (GU), Neel Sukhatme (GU Law Center)

Job Market Paper: “Proactive and Reactive Infrastructure Investment

Fields: Primary: Empirical Industrial Organization
Secondary: Public and Environmental Economics

References:  Nathan Miller (GU), John Rust (GU), Gloria Sheu (Federal Reserve Board), Sharat Ganapati (GU)

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