Masters of Science in Economics

Georgetown University’s Department of Economics launched a two-year Masters of Science Degree Program in Economics (MS-ECON) in 2017. MS-ECON is an innovative two-year program, recognized as a STEM degree, emphasizing frontier training in econometrics and quantitative economics.

My two years at the Master of Science in Economics program at Georgetown University were a life-changing experience. It helped me forge both my academic and practical skills. The program offers courses with a wide range of interesting topics instructed by professors and experienced economists from Washington, DC. This mixture ensures that student have access to a solid theoretical foundation and the latest practices from industry. I was provided with good internship opportunities. As a student who was interested in development economics, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a summer internship at the World Bank and continue as a short-term consultant. This experience helped me continue on to pursue a Ph.D. Now, I am furthering the academic interests that I cultivated in the MS-ECON program.

Wentian Jiang, class of 2018

The distinguishing features of the program, relative to the Masters in Applied Economics program, are:

  • More extensive training in economics permitted by the degree requirement of 45 credits rather than 30 credits, and
  • Specifically required 15 credits of coursework in intensively quantitative courses.

The program is structured such that a full-time student, with the necessary preparatory background, can complete the course of study in two academic years by taking the appropriate courses during the fall and spring terms.

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