May 2014, Martin Ravallion has written a column in the Indian Express titled, Reading Piketty in India.  The article argues that human capital inequality is what India needs to be most concerned about right now.

Jun Ma, PhD '94, is the new chief economist of the People's Bank of China. Jun Ma will join the People's Bank of China as chief economist in its research bureau. Previously, he was Deutsche Bank AG's chief China economist. Ma holds a PhD in Economics from Georgetown University, (click here to read more)

January 22, 2014 - In a paper co-authored by Georgetown economist, Billy Jack  and MIT economist, Tavneet Suri published by the American Economic Review, titled "Risk Sharing and Transaction Costs, "  shows how mobile money helps Kenyans weather financial storms.  (click here to read more)


An article about Professor Martin Ravallion has been written up in the recent news section in the Georgetown University website.  The article is about Professors Ravallion and Richardson who will each lead associations promoting Global Human Development.  Click here to read more.