Online Clearinghouses

This is an effort by the department of economics to provide some of the best economic web sites containing comprehensive information on: economic and financial resources; statistical resources for economics; economic systems,working papers and other valuable information. Certain data may appear on more than one of the following resources.

Government Information

International Organisations

Many of the International Organizations have useful information at their Web or gopher sites. Here is a sampling:

Data to Download

Finance Material on the Internet

  • FIN Web – a financial web site that provides an extensive list of links to economic and finance related topics, financial journals ,working papers, financial data bases and other sites.
  • Journal of Finance Web site– provides numerous links to financial institutions, finance journals, institutional working papers, research centers, educational resources, derivatives, and sites of interest to students.
  • Virtual Finance Library – provides a comprehensive list of links to investment banks, finance on the WWW, popular finance web sites, including companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ and other financial sites. It also provides a financial data finder.

Economic Working Papers and Journals on the Internet

Employment Opportunities

Advertisements received by the Department.

Miscellaneous Items