Charlie Wang (SFS-IECO 22) has been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship.

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Charlie Wang, who graduated in 2022 as an International Economics major in SFS, has been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship.

He will pursue a DPhil (PhD) in Information, Communications and the Social Sciences at Oxford’s Internet Institute starting in the Fall of 2024 after completing his master’s in politics at the University of Cambridge. His research aims to examine how a country’s perception of the relationship between the Chinese government and Chinese high-tech companies influences consumers’ propensity to purchase their products.

Charlie generously acknowledges the role of the Economics Department in his academic development:

I was inspired to pursue the International Economics major after taking Professor Carol Roger’s class on Principles of Macroeconomics in my freshman year. The interdisciplinary nature of the major, encompassing politics, international relations, and psychology, fascinated me.

During my four years in the Economics Department, I had the privilege of working closely with renowned economists. In my junior year, I conducted research with Professor Anna Maria Mayda on the impact of remittances on women’s political participation. In my senior year, I delved into the world of antitrust in Professor Marius Schwartz’s Topics in Competition and Regulation class. This experience ignited my passion for using regulatory measures to balance innovation and regulation for technology companies. I highlighted this interest in my Rhodes Scholarship application, which ultimately led to my winning the award in 2023.

I attribute my proficiency in quantitative econometrics and qualitative writing to the excellent training I received from Georgetown University’s Economics Department.

Charlie Wang (SFS-IECO 22)