Ph.D. Courses

Ph.D. Courses

ECON-601 Microeconomics I
Professor A. Wilson

ECON-602 Microeconomics II
Professor L. Anderlini

ECON-603 Microeconomics III
Professor L. Anderlini

ECON-604 Microeconomics IV
Professor L. Anderlini

ECON-605 Macroeconomics I
Professor M. Huggett

ECON-606 Macroeconomics II
Professor D. Cao

ECON-607 Macroeconomics III
Professor M. Huggett

ECON-608 Macroeconomics IV
Professor M. Evans

ECON-612 Econometrics I
Professor J. Rust

ECON-613 Econometrics II
Professor TBA

ECON-615 Micro-Econometrics
Professors J. Rust and F. Vella

ECON-616 Macro-Econometrics
Professor TBA

ECON-621 Economics of Poverty and Inequality
Professor M. Ravallion

ECON-622 Development Economics
Professors G. Genicot and B. Jack

ECON-631 Industrial Organization
Professor I. Gale

ECON-632 Topics in Industrial Organization

ECON-641 International Macroeconomics and Finance
Professor P. Gete

ECON-642 International Finance II

ECON-651 International Trade I
Professors R. Ludema and A. Mayda

ECON-652 International Trade
Professor A. Mayda

ECON-661 Labor Economics I

ECON-662 Labor Economics II
Professors J. Albrecht and S. Vroman

ECON-671 Empirical Microeconomics I
Professor F. Vella

ECON-681 Political Economy
Professor R. Lagunoff

ECON-682 Public Economics
Professor A. Levinson

ECON-711 Workshops in Macroeconomics

ECON-712 Workshops in Macroeconomics

ECON-721 Workshops in Microeconomics

ECON-722 Workshop: Microeconomics

ECON-731 Workshop in International Economics

ECON-732 Workshop: International

ECON-741 Workshop: Econometrics

ECON-742 Workshop: Econometrics

ECON-744 Workshop: Empirical Econometrics

ECON-752 Workshop: Development Economics

ECON-903 Economics Tutorial

ECON-999 Thesis Research-Economics