2022-2023 Job Market Candidates


Carolina Concha-Arriagada


Job Market Paper: “Should I Stay, or Should I Go? Strategic Responses to Increase College Admission Chances

Fields: Primary: Applied Microeconomics, Economics of Education
Secondary: Development Economics, Political Economy 

References: Garance Genicot (GU), Laurent Bouton (GU), Mary Ann Bronson (GU) and Christopher Neilson (Yale)

Job Market Paper: “Safe Assets in Emerging Market Economies”

Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics, International Finance
Secondary: Monetary Economics

References: Dan Cao (Main Advisor-GU), Behzad Diba (GU), Toshihiko Mukoyama (GU)

Job Market Paper: “Intertemporal Price Discrimination in Consumer Packaged Goods

Fields: Primary:  Empirical Industrial Organization
Secondary: Structural Econometrics

References:  Nathan Miller (GU), John Rust (GU), Gloria Sheu (Federal Reserve Board)

Job Market Paper: “Race, Criminal History, and Prosecutor Case Selection: Evidence from a Southern U.S. Jurisdiction

Fields: Primary:   Applied Microeconomics
Secondary: Economics of Crime and Political Economy

References:  Laurent Bouton (Main Advisor-GU), Garance Genicot (GU), Neel Sukhatme (GU Law Center), Rory Pulvino and Jared Fishman (Justice Innovation Lab)

Job Market Paper: “Is Employment Protection Legislation Actually ‘Protective’? Evidence from South Korean Labor Market”

Fields: Primary:   Labor Economics
Secondary: Applied Microeconomics

References:  Susan Vroman (GU), James Albrecht (GU), John Rust (GU)

Arturo Romero Yáñez


Job Market Paper: “Money in Politics: Quid-Pro-Quo in District Courts in the U.S.”

Fields: Primary: Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy 
Secondary: Development Economics, Law and Economics

References:  Laurent Bouton (GU), Garance Genicot (GU), Neel Sukhatme (GU Law Center)

Job Market Paper: “Proactive and Reactive Infrastructure Investment

Fields: Primary: Empirical Industrial Organization
Secondary: Public and Environmental Economics

References:  Nathan Miller (GU), John Rust (GU), Gloria Sheu (Federal Reserve Board), Sharat Ganapati (GU)