2021-2022 Job Market Candidates


Job Market Paper: “Do Credit Constraints Explain the Energy Efficiency Gap? Evidence From the U.S. New Vehicle Market

Fields: Primary: Environmental Economics
Secondary: Applied Microeconomics

References: Arik Levinson (Main Advisor), John Rust, Benjamin Leard (University of Tennessee)

Job Market Paper: “Preference Regression

Fields: Primary: Microeconomic Theory
Secondary: Econometrics, Industrial Organization

References: Christopher P. Chambers (Main Advisor), Roger Lagunoff, Nathan Miller, Andrea Wilson (Princeton)

Job Market Paper: “Unemployment Risk in a Lifecycle Earnings Model

Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics, Computational Economics,
Secondary: Economics of Education and Income Inequality

References: James Albrecht, Susan Vroman

Job Market Paper: “Robot Adoption, Organizational Capital, and the Productivity Paradox

Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics
Secondary: International Trade, Industrial Organization

References: Toshi Mukoyama (main advisor), Adriana Kugler, and John Rust

Job Market Paper: “Paid Work for Women and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the Rwandan Coffee Mills

Fields: Primary: Development Economics
Secondary: Labor Economics 

References: Garance Genicot (Main Advisor), Laurent Bouton, Mary Ann Bronson, Martin Ravallion

Job Market Paper: “The Gender Gap across the Wage Distribution in Chile: An Application of Copula-based Methods

Fields: Primary: Labor Economics
Secondary: Gender Economics, Applied Econometrics

References: James Albrecht, Susan Vroman, Anna Maria Mayda

Daniel Valderrama


Job Market Paper: “Fiscal Windfalls and Missing Jobs: Evidence from close elections in Mexico

Fields: Primary: Development Economics, Political Economy and Applied Economics
Secondary: Labor Economics

References: Laurent Bouton (Co-Main advisor), Garance Genicot, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Martin Ravallion (Co-Main advisor)

Job Market Paper: “Monetary Policy, Firm Heterogeneity, and Housing Prices”

Fields: Primary: Macroeconomics
Secondary: Finance

References:  Toshi Mukoyama (Main Advisor), Behzad Diba, Matthew Canzoneri