Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation Requirements

Do I need to have completed Econometrics by the start of my senior year?
Short answer: Yes.

There used to be a requirement for a "Senior Seminar."  What happened to it?
The senior seminar has been replaced with the 400-level course.  You must take at least two 400-level courses to complete your degree requirements.  Honors candidates must take at least three.

AP Credit

I received a 4 on the AB or BC Calculus AP.  Does this count for my Math-035 requirement?

I received a 5 on the Statistics AP.  Does this count for Econ Stat (121)?
No.  The AP exam does not cover all of the topics that are included in Econ Stats.

I received a 5 on the Micro AP or the Macro AP.  Does this count in lieu of the appropriate Intro course (001 or 002)?
Yes.  A 4 on either AP does not count.

Choosing an Advisor

I am about to declare a major in economics.  How do I select and advisor?
The default advisor is the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  You can always have your forms signed by the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Substituting One Course for Another

Can I substitute for Econ-121?
If you are a major in SFS, the answer is no. While Economics majors are encouraged to take ECON-121, students who have taken Math-040 or Math- 140 will be given credit for ECON-121 up to the class of 2016. Starting with the Class of 2017, Math-040 and Math-140 will no longer count as substitute and all economics majors must take ECON-121.

Econ Minors (college only), you can substitute Econ-121 with Math-040. 

Econ Minors (MSB), you can substitute Econ-121 with OPIM-174.

How Can I Fit It All In?
I am a second semester sophomore, have just discovered economics and plan to major in it.  I am also planning to spend my junior year abroad.  How can I meet my requirements?

You have a problem.  Summer school can help: both Macro and Micro Theory are offered at GU’s summer school.  The stumbling blocks are Econ Stats and Econometrics.  See the Undergraduate Coordinator to see what options you have. 

400-Level Courses

All majors(2006 and after) are required to take at least two (2) 400-level courses.

Can I take a 400-level course during my junior year?
If you have the prerequisites, we encourage you to do so.

Complaints about Grades

I received a grade that seems unfair.  How do I appeal it?
The first step is to appeal in writing directly to the professor.  If the outcome of that is not satisfactory and you wish to pursue the matter, write a letter to Professor Behzad Diba.  Your letter should include the grade received, the details of the complaint and the professor’s response to the first appeal.