Non-Georgetown Course Credit

AP Credit

Students who receive a score of 5 on the AP exam in Micro can skip ECON-001. Students who receive a score of 5 on the AP exam in Macro can skip ECON-002.

AP math scores of 4 or 5 on the AB or BC calculus tests are accepted in place of MATH-035(Calculus I).


Study Abroad

The six core courses in the major (001, 002, 101 or 103, 102 or 104, 121, and 122) must be taken before Senior Year. This will be hard to manage if you plan to study abroad, but it can still be done. Usually, you will have to double up on ECON courses during your sophomore year.

One way to make normal progress towards the ECON major with a full year of study abroad in junior year:

  • Fall of Freshman Year, 001 or 002
  • Spring of Freshman Year, 001 or 002
  • Fall of Sophomore Year , 101 or 102, 121
  • Spring of Sophomore Year,101 or 102, 122

Students who study abroad for a single semester can receive credit for up to two courses in the Economics major or minor. Students who study abroad for an entire year can receive credit for up to three courses in the major or minor. The Department will accept most Econ courses taken abroad for non-400-level elective credit.

It may also be possible for you to get approval to take one or more of the core Economics courses abroad, with advance approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The rules for these Economics courses are more restrictive. Students may receive credit for courses equivalent to ECON 101 (Micro Theory), ECON 102 (Macro Theory), ECON 121, ECON 122, or a 400-level course from English-speaking programs only, by following this approval procedure in advance of taking the course:

You must submit a syllabus for the course to the Economics Department’s Undergraduate Coordinator. The syllabus must describe the course, list textbooks and readings that were actually used in the course, and list prerequisites and course requirements. A “Course Description” from the university’s course catalog cannot substitute for a syllabus. The syllabus must be written in English.

We will approve or deny your request as soon as possible after receiving the syllabus.


Transfer Credit:

If you need to receive credit toward your economics major or minor for courses taken at another college or university, please provide Professor Schwartz with the following materials:

  • A copy of the syllabus for the course, including the name of the university, the course number, and the names of the text(s).
  • A transcript for the course.
  • The forms that you need signed for the GU Registrar.

Note: These materials may be left in the black in-box at the Department of Economics’s front desk (ICC Room 580).