Application for a TA Position

The Economics Department hires about 5-10 undergraduates each semester to serve as teaching assistants for its Micro and Macro Principles Courses. The responsibilities of a TA normally include:

  • Holding weekly recitation/discussion sessions
  • Grading
  • Attending to office hours each week

If you are interested in applying for a position, please send an email containing the following information to the Undergraduate Coordinator.

  1. A paragraph that includes your name, student ID, major, year of graduation, preferred subject (Micro or Macro Principles) and a statement about why you'd like to be a TA.
  2. An unofficial transcript.
  3. The names of at least one and up to three Economics professors who can provide a reference for you.

TA's can expect to work 6 hours per week. The pay is $15 per hour. You must be able to attend the lecture of that class in order to apply.