Working Papers 2000 to present

14-03 Martin Evans
Forex Trading and the WMR Fix

14-02 Alejandro Badel, Mark Huggett
Taxing Top Earners: A Human Capital Perspective

14-01 Claire Brunel
Pollution Offshoring and Emission Reductions in European and US Manufacturing

13-07 Martin Evans
Global Imbalances, Risk and the Great Recession

13-06 Roger Lagunoff, Rodrigo Harrison
Dynamic Mechanism Design for a Global Commons

13-05 James Albrecht, Pieter Gautier, Susan Vroman
Efficient Entry in Competing Auctions

13-04 Arik Levinson
Happiness as a Public Policy Tool
(Chapter __ in Research Handbook on Behavioral Law and Economics
Joshua Teitelbaum and Kathryn Zeiler, editors)

13-03 Arik Levinson
California Energy Efficiency:
Lessons for the Rest of the World, or Not?

13-02 Claire Brunel and Arik Levinson
Measuring Environmental Regulatory Stringency

13-01 Yongmin Chen and Marius Schwartz 
Differential Pricing When Costs Differ: A Welfare Analysis

12-04 Martin Evans
International Capital Flows and Debt Dynamics

12-03 Luca Flabbi and James Mabli
Household Search or Individual Search: Does It Matter? Evidence from Lifetime Inequality Estimates.

12-02 Mark Huggett and Greg Kaplan
The Money Value of a Man

12-01 Martin Evans
Exchange-Rate Dark Matter

11-05 Garance Genicot, Orazio Attanasio, Abigail Barr, Juan Camilo Cardenas and Costas Meghir
Risk Pooling, Risk Preferences, and Social Networks

11-04 Luca Flabbi and A. Moro
The Effect of Job Flexibility on Women Labor Market Outcomes: Estimates from a Search and Bargaining Model ( Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming, 2011)

11-03 Pedro Gete and Paolo Porchia
Fertility and Consumption when Having a Child is aRisky Investment

11-02 Pedro Gete and Paolo Porchia
A Real Options Analysis of Dual Labor Markets and theSingle Labor Contract

11-01 Dan Cao
Collateral Shortages, Asset Price and InvestmentVolatility with Heterogeneous Beliefs

 10-10 Garance Genioct and Debraj Ray
Inequality and Aspirations

10-09 Luca Flabbi and Marco Leonardi
Sources of Earnings Inequality: Estimates from an On-the-Job Search Model of the U.S. Labor Market (European Economic Review, 54(6): 832-854, 2010)

10-08 Pedro Gete
Housing Markets and Current Account Dynamic

10-7 Dan Cao
Racing Under Uncertainty: A Boundary Value Problem Approach

10-6 Dan Cao and Daron Acemoglu
Innovation by Entrants and Incumbents

10-5  Martin Evans and Alberto Fuertes
Understanding the Dynamics of the US External Position

10-4 Martin Evans and Dagfinn Rime
Micro Approaches to Foreign Exchange Determination
(The Handbook of Exchange Rates 2011)

10-3 Martin Evans
The Microstructure of Currency Markets
(Encyclopedia of Financial globalization 2011)

10-2  Mark Huggett and Greg Kaplan
Human Capital Values and Returns: Bounds Implied By Earnings and AssetReturns Data

10-01 Jinhui Bai and Roger Lagunoff
Revealed Political Power

09-04  Arik Levinson
Pollution and International Trade in Services

09-03  Arik Levinson
Valuing Public Goods Using Happiness Data: The Case of Air Quality

09-02  Yongmin Chen and Marius Schwartz
Product Innovation Incentives: Monopoly vs. Competition

09-01  David Amdur
International Diversication in Debt vs Equity

08-06 Luca Flabbi and S. Paternostro and E. Tiongson
Returns to Education in the Economic Transition: a Systematic Assessment Using Comparable Data (Economics of Education Review, 27: 724-740, 2008)

08-05 Martin Evans
Order Flows and The Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle
(Journal of International Economics, February, 2010)

08-04  Rodney Ludema and Anna Maria Mayda
Do Countries Free Ride on MFN?

08-03  David Amdur
Capital Structure Over The Business Cycle

08-02  Jinhui Bai and Roger Lagunoff
On the Faustian Dynamics of Policy and Political Power

08-01  Luca Anderlini, Gino Gerardi, Roger Lagunoff
Communication and Learning

07-11 Martin Evans and Viktoria Hnatkovska
International Financial Integration and the Real Economy
(IMF Staff Papers, September, 2007)

07-10 Martin Evans and Richard Lyons
How Is Macro News Transmitted to Exchange Rates?
(Journal of Financial Economics, April 2008)

07-09  James Albrecht, Axel Anderson, and Susan Vroman
Search by Committee

07-08  Luca Flabbi and Daniele Checchi
Intergenerational Mobility and Schooling Decisions in Germany and Italy: the Impact of Secondary School Tracks

07-07  Luca Flabbi
Prejudice and Gender Differentials in the U.S. Labor Market in the Last Twenty Years

07-06  Jim Albrecht, Aico van Vuuren and Susan Vroman
Counterfactual Distributions with Sample Selection Adjustments: Econometric Theory and an Application to the Netherlands

07-05  Arik Levinson
Technology, International Trade, and Pollution from U.S. Manufacturing

07-04  Mark Huggett, Gustavo Ventura and Amir Yaron
Sources of Lifetime Inequality

07-03  Mark Hugget and Alejandro Badel
Interpreting Life-Cycle Inequality Patterns as an Efficient Allocation: Mission Impossible?

07-02  F.W. McElroy
Probability-of-Risk Aversion
and other Applications of Derivatives of the Certainty Equivalent

07-01  Luca Anderlini, Dino Gerardi, and Roger Lagunoff
Social Memory and Evidence from the Past

06-13 Martin Evans and Viktoria Hnatkovska
Financial Integration, Macroeconomic Volatility and Welfare
(Journal of the European Economic Association, 2007)

06-12  Ximena Pena
Assortative Matching and the Education Gap

06-11   Mark Huggett and Juan Carlos Parra
How Well Does the US Social Insurance System Provide Social Insurance?

06-10  T. Renee Bowen and Zaki Zahran
On Dynamic Compromise

06-09  Ludema Rodney D. and Taizo Takeno
Tariffs and the Adoption of Clean Technology under Asymmetric Information

06-08  Luca Anderlini, Leonardo Felli, and Andrew Postlewaite
Active Courts and Menu Contracts

06-07  Luca Anderlini, Leonardo Felli, and Andrew Postlewaite-
Should Courts Always Enforce What Contracting Parties Write?

06-06  James Albrecht, Lucas Navarro, and Susan Vroman
The Effects of Labor Market Policies in an Economy with an Informal Sector

06-05  Jinhui H. Bai and Ingolf Schwarz
Monetary Equilibria in a Cash-in-Advance Economy with Incomplete Financial Markets

06-04  Rodney D. Ludema and Anders Olofsgård
Delegation versus Communication in the Organization of Government

06-03  Anna Maria Mayda and Chad Steinberg
Do South-South Trade Agreements Increase Trade? Commodity-Level Evidence from COMESA

06-02  Giovanni Facchini and Anna Maria Mayda
Individual Attitudes towards Immigrants: Welfare-State Determinants Across Countries

06-01 Luca Anderlini, Dino Gerardi, and Roger Lagunoff
A `Super' Folk Theorem for Dynastic Repeated Games

05-20 Martin D. D. Evans
Foreign Exchange Market Microstructure
(New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics 2008)

05-19 Martin D. D. Evans and Richard K. Lyons
Understanding Order Flow
(International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2006)

05-18 Martin D. D. Evans and Viktoria Hnatkovska
Solving General Equilibrium Models with Incomplete Markets and Many Assets

05-17 Martin D. D. Evans and Viktoria Hnatkovska
International Capital Flows, Returns and World Financial Integration

05-16 Mark Huggett and Juan Carlos Parra
Quantifying the Inefficiency of the US Social Insurance System

05-15 William Jack and Roger Lagunoff
Social Conflict and Gradual Politicial Succession: An Illustrative Model

05-14 Masahito Watanabe
When Do Health Savings Accounts Decrease Health Care Costs?

05-13 Rodney Ludema and Anna Maria Mayda
Do Countries Free Ride on MFN?

05-12 William Jack, Arik Levinson and Sjamsu Rahardja
Employee cost-sharing and the welfare effects of Flexible Spending Accounts

05-11 Anna Maria Mayda and Dani Rodrik
Why are some people (and countries) more protectionist than others?

05-10 Anna Maria Mayda
Who Is Against Immigration? A Cross-Country Investigation of Individual Attitudes towards Immigrants

05-09 Garance Genicot and Debraj Ray
Bargaining Power and Enforcement in Credit Markets

05-08 James Albrecht, Gerard J. van den Berg, and Susan Vroman
The Knowledge Lift: The Swedish Adult Education Program that Aimed to Eliminate Low Worker Skill Levels

05-07 Roger Lagunoff
Markov Equilibrium in Models of Dynamic Endogenous Political Institutions

05-06 Martin D. D. Evans and Richard K. Lyons
Do Currency Markets Absorb News Quickly?
(The Journal of International Money and Finance 2005)

05-05 Martin D. D. Evans and Richard K. Lyons
How Is Macro News Transmitted to Exchange Rates?

05-04 Martin D. D. Evans and Richard K. Lyons
A New Micro Model of Exchange Rate Dynamics

05-03 Martin D. D. Evans and Richard K. Lyons
Exchange Rate Fundamentals and Order Flow

05-02 Martin D. D. Evans
Where Are We Now? : Real-Time Estimates of the Macro Economy
(International Journal of Central Banking, 2005)

05-01 Martin D. D. Evans and Richard K. Lyons
Meese-Rogoff Redux: Micro-Based Exchange Rate Forecasting
 (American Economic Review, May 2005)

04-16 Garance Genicot
Informal Insurance in Social Networks

04-15 William Jack
Optimal risk adjustment in a model with adverse selection and spatial competition

04-14 Marcela C. Perticara (Georgetown University/Ilades)
Wage Mobility Through Job Mobility

04-13 Felipe Balmaceda (University of Chile), Eduardo Saavedra (Georgetown University/Ilades)
Vertical Integration and Shared Facilities in Unregulated Industries

04-12 Julio Peña-Torres (Georgetown University/Ilades), Sebastián Vergara (EC), Michael Basch (University of Chile)
Downward Adjustments in a Cyclical Environment: The Case of Chilean Pelagic Fisheries

04-11 Claudio A. Agostini (Georgetown University/Ilades)
Tax Interdependence in the U.S. States

04-10 Claudio A. Agostini (Georgetown University/Ilades)
The Impact of State Corporate Taxes on FDI Location

04-09 Luca Anderlini, Dino Gerardi (Yale University), and Roger Lagunoff
The Folk Theorem in Dynastic Repeated Games

04-08 Luca Flabbi
Gender Discrimination Estimation in a Search Model with Matching and Bargaining

04-07 Roger Lagunoff
The Dynamic Reform of Political Institutions

04-06 Arik Levinson and Sjamsu Rahardja
Medicaid Stigma

04-05 Josh Ederington, Arik Levinson, and Jenny Minier
Trade Liberalization and Pollution Havens

04-04 Arik Levinson and M. Scott Taylor
Unmasking the Pollution Haven Hypothesis

04-03 Garance Genicot (Georgetown University) and Debraj Ray (New York University) and Instituto de An´alisis Econ´omico (CSIC)
Informal Insurance, Enforcement Constraints, and Group Formation

04-02 Gary Charness (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Garance Genicot (Georgetown University)
An Experimental Test of Risk-Sharing Arrangements

04-01 James Albrecht, Axel Anderson, Eric Smith and Susan Vroman (updated Feb.06)
A Matching Model of the Housing Market: Searching for a Motivated Partner

03-33 Martin Evans, H. Cao and Richard Lyons
Inventory Information
(The Journal Of Business, January, 2006)

03-31 James Albrecht, Binh Nguyen, Susan Vroman and Daniel Westbrook
A Quantile Regression Decomposition of Urban-Rural Inequality in Vietnam

03-30 Garance Genicot and Debraj Ray
Contracts and Externalities: How Things Fall Apart

03-29 Luca Anderlini, Leonardo Felli & Andrew Postlewaite
Should Courts Always Enforce What Contracting Parties Write?

03-28 Nabil Al-Najjar, Luca Anderlini,& Leonardo Felli
Undescribable Events

03-27 Luca Anderlini & Leonardo Felli
Transaction Costs and the Robustness of the Coase Theorem

03-26 Luca Anderlini, Leonardo Felli, & Andrew Postlewaite
Courts of Law and Unforeseen Contingencies

03-25 Jim Albrecht & Susan Vroman
Matching with Multiple Applications: The Limiting Case

03-24 Lars Sondergaard
Using Instrumental Variables to Estimate the Share of Backward-Looking Firms

03-23 Jonathan Heathcote
Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents and Incomplete Markets

03-22 Jonathan Heathcote
On the Distributional Effects of Reducing Capital Taxes
03-21 Jonathan Heathcote
Housing and the Business Cycle

03-20 Jonathan Heathcote
Financial Globalization and Real Regionalization

03-19 Jonathan Heathcote
The Macroeconomic Implications of Rising Wage Inequality in the United States

03-18 Billy Jack
Poverty Reduction Using Self-Interested Intermediaries: Implications for the Design of Inter-governmental Transfers

03-17 Billy Jack
Comparing the Distortionary Effects of Alternative In-kind Intergovernmental Transfers
03-16 Billy Jack
Redistributing to the Sick: How Should Health Expenditures be Integrated into the Tax System?
03-15 Billy Jack & Jenny Lanjouw
Financing Pharmaceutical Innovation: When Should Poor Countries Contribute?
03-14 Billy Jack
The Organization of Public Service Provision
03-13 Billy Jack
Purchasing Health Care Services from Providers with Unknown Altruism

03-12 Mark Huggett
When are Comparative Dynamics Monotone?

03-11 Mark Huggett & Edouard Vidon
Precautionary Wealth Accumulation: A Positive Third Derivative is not Enough

03-10 Mark Huggett
Human Capital and Earnings Distribution Dynamics

03-09 Mark Huggett
Precautionary Wealth Accumulation

03-08 Andrew Feltenstein & Roger Lagunoff
International versus Domestic Auditing of Bank Solvency

03-07 Rodrigo Harrison & Roberto Munoz
Stability and Equilibrium Selection in a Link Formation Game

03-06 Rodrigo Harrison
Global Games with Strategic Substitutes

03-05 Christian Gonzalez & Arik Levinson
State Rainy Day Funds and the State Budget Crisis 2002-?

03-04 Josh Ederington, Arik Levinson, & Jenny Minier
Footlose and Pollution-Free

03-03 William Jack and Roger Lagunoff
Dynamic Enfranchisement

03-02 James Albrecht, Pieter Gautier, & Susan Vroman
Equilibrium Directed Search with Multiple Applications

03-01 David A. Malueg & Marius Schwartz
Interconnection Incentives of a Large Network Facing Multiple Rivals"

02-12 Martin Evans and Richard Lyons
Are Different-Currency Assets Imperfect Substitutes?  (in Exchange Rate Economics: Where do we stand?
(MIT Press 2002)

02-11 Martin Evans and Richard Lyons
Informational Integration and FX Trading
(The Journal of International Money and Finance, December 2002)

02-10 Martin Evans
Real Risk, Inflation Risk and the Term Structure
(The Economic Journal, June 2003)

02-09 Debra Israel & Arik Levinson
Willingness to Pay for Environmental Quality: Testable Empirical Implications of the Growth and Environment Literature
02-08 Maria Cancian & Arik Levinson
Labor Supply and Participation Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit: Evidence from the National Survey of America's Families and Wisconsin's Supplemental Benefit for Families with Three Children

02-07 Arik Levinson
Environmental Regulatory Competition: A Status Report and Some New Evidence

02-06 Yamin Ahmad
Money Market Rates and Implied CCAPM Rates: Some International Evidence

02-05 Roger Lagunoff & Matthew Haag
One Size and Structure of Group Cooperation

02-04 Roger Lagunoff
Credible Communication in Dynastic Government

02-03 Carol Rogers & Kenneth A. Swinnerton
A Theory of Exploitative Child Labor

02-02 Carol Rogers & Kenneth A. Swinnerton
Does Child Labor Decrease When Parental Incomes Rise

02-01  Marius Schwartz &  Daniel R. Vincent
Same Price, Cash or Card: Vertical Control by Payment Networks

01-14 Luca Flabbi and A. Ichino
Productivity, Seniority, and Wages: new evidence from personnel data  (Labour Economics, 8: 359-387, 2001)

01-13 Martin Evans and Richard Lyons
Portfolio Balance, Price Impact, and Secret Intervention
(synopsis in Financial Market Structure and Dynamics, Bank of Canada 2002)

01-12 Martin Evans and Richard Lyons
Order Flow and Exchange Rate Dynamics
(Journal of Political Economy, 2002)

01-11 Martin Evans and Richard Lyons
Time-Varying Liquidity in Foreign Exchange(Journal of Monetary Economics, 2002)

01-10 Carol Rogers & Kenneth A. Swinnerton
Inequality, Productivity, and Child Labor: Theory and Evidence

01-09 Arik Levinson
Energy Use By Apartment Tenants When Landlords Pay For Utilities

01-08 Arik Levinson
The Ups and Downs of the Environmental Kuznets Curve

01-07 Anja Decressin
Tinkering With or Tackling Unemployment Compensation

01-06 Robert Hussey, S.J.
Evaluating Business Cycle Models with Labor Market Search

01-05 David A. Malueg & Marius Schwartz
Interconnection Incentives of a Large Network

01-04 David A. Malueg & Marius Schwartz
International Telecom Settlements: Gaming Incentives, Carrier Alliances, and Pareto-Suerior Reform

01-03 Luca Anderlini & Roger Lagunoff
Communication in Dynastic Repeated Games: 'Whitewashes' and 'Coverups'

01-02  Roger Lagunoff & Akihiko Matsui
Organizations & Overlapping Generations Games: Memory, Communication, and Altruism

01-01  F.W. McElroy
An Inequality Related to Chebyshev’s


Arik Levinson

An Industry-Adjusted Index of State Environmental Compliance Costs


  Arik Levinson, Bill Harbaugh and Dave Wilson

Reexamining the Empirical Evidence for an Environmental Kuznets Curve


  Arik Levinson and Wolfgang Keller

Environmental Regulations and FDI Inflows to U.S. States

Martin D.D. Evans and Richard K. Lyons

The Price Impact of Currency Trades Implications for Intervention


Martin D.D. Evans

FX Trading and Exchange Rate Dynamics(Journal of Finance 2002)

John T. Cuddington

Finding Costs in the U.S. Petroleum Industry: Assessing the Opposing Effects of Technological Change and Depletion with Error Correction Modeling


George Viksnins

Baltic Monetary Regimes in the XX1st Century


John T. Cuddington and Hong Liang

Will the Emergence of the Euro Affect World Commodity Prices?"
The EMU and Its Impact on Europe and Developing Countries

. (WIDER Conference Vol, forthcoming 2000)