Working Papers (1988-1999)

99-14  Gabriel Gonzalez Konig
"Return migration: Theory & evidence from returning migrants to Western Mexico"

99-13 F.W. McElroy
"An Inequality Related to Chebyshev's"

99-12 John T. Cuddington and Hong Liang
"Will the Emergence of the Euro Affect World Commodity Prices?"

99-11 James Albrecht and Susan Vroman 
A Matching Model with Endogenous Skill Requirements

99-10 Carol Ann Rogers and Kenneth A. Swinnerton
"Inequality, Productivity, and Child Labor"

99-09 Federico Mini
"The Role of Incentives for Opening Monopoly Markets: Comparing GTE and RBOC Cooperation with Local Entrant"

99-08 Matthew Haag and Roger Lagunoff
"Social Norms, Local Interaction, and Neighborhood Planning"

99-07 James Tybout
"Manufacturing Firms in Developing Countries:  How Well Do They Do, and Why?"

99-06    Roger Lagunoff and Akihiko Matsui
"Are "Anti-Folk Theorems" in Repeated Games Nongeneric?"

99-05 Kenneth A. Swinnerton and Carol Ann Rogers
"The Economics of Child Labor: Comment"

99-04 Rodney Ludema
"Why Are Preferential Trade Agreements Regional?  Increasing Returns, Multinationals and the Geography of Free Trade Agreements"

99-03 Roger Lagunoff and Stacey Schreft
"Financial Fragility with Rational and Irrational Exuberance"
Forthcoming, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking

99-02 James Albrecht, Per-Anders Edin, Marianne Sundstrom, and Susan Vroman
"Career Interruptions and Subsequent Earnings:  A Reexamination Using Swedish Data"
Journal of Human Resources, Spring 1999. 

99-01 Hans Haller and Roger Lagunoff
"Genericity and Markovian Behavior in Stochastic Games"
Forthcoming, Econometrica.

98-17 Yeon-Koo Che and Ian Gale
"Difference-Form Contests and the Robustness of All-Pay Auctions"

98-16 Yeon-Koo Che and Ian Gale
"Contests with Discontinuous Success Functions"

98-15 an Gale, Donald Hausch and Mark Stegeman
"Sequential Procurement with Subcontracting"

98-14 Ian Gale and Mark Stegeman
"Sequential Auctions of Endogenously Valued Objects"

98-13 Yeon-Koo Che and Ian Gale
"Caps on Political Lobbying"
The American Economic Review, Vol. 88, No. 3, June 1998.

98-12 Yeon-Koo Che and Ian Gale
"Standard Auctions with Financially Constrained Bidders"
Review of Economics Studies, Vol. 65, (1998), pp. 1-21.

98-11 Martin Evans
“Looking Behind the U. K. Term Structure:  Were there Peso Problems in Inflation?”

98-10 Mitsuhiro Kaneda and Gil Mehrez
"Seasonal Fluctuations and International Trade"

98-09 Gil Mehrez and Michael Frenkel
"Inflation and Endogenous Technological Growth"

98-08  David Malueg and Marius Schwartz
"Where Have All the Minutes Gone?  Asymmetric Telecom  Liberalization.  Carrier Alliances, and Gaming of International Settlements"

98-07 Gil Mehrez
"Nominal Rigidities and Seasonal Price Fluctuations"

98-06 Paul D. McNelis and John Duffy
“Approximating and Simulating the Stochastic Growth Model:  Parameterized Expectiations, Neural Networks,and the Genetic Algorithm”

 98-05 Paul D. McNelis and G.C. Lim
“Parameterizing Currency Risk in the EMS:  The Irish Pound and Spanish Peseta against the German Mark”

98-04 Masaru Sasaki
"An Equilibrium Search Model with Co-Worker Discrimination."
Forthcoming, Journal of Labor Economics.
The Ofair Razin Dissertation Prize, 1997 Recipient

98-03 Flavio Padrini
"The Response of Financial and Goods Markets to Velocity Innovations:  An Empirical Investigation For the US."

98-02 John T. Cuddington
"Optimal Annual Contributions to Flexible Spending Accounts: A Rule-of-Thumb."
Economics Letters 62 (1999),  pp. 59-61.

98-01 John T. Cuddington and Hong Liang
" ;Re-examining the Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis Over Two Centuries."
Journal of International Money and Finance (forthcoming Dec. 2000).

97-24 Roger D. Lagunoff and Stacey L. Schreft
"A Model of Financial Fragility."

97-23 Rodney D. Ludema and Daniel E. Coates
"Unilateral Trade Liberalization as Leadership in Trade Negotiations."

97-22 Rodney D. Ludema
"On the Value of Preferential Trade Agreements in Multilateral Negotiations."

97-21 Rodney D. Ludema and Ian Wooton
"Economic Geography and the Fiscal Effects of Regional Integration."

97-20 Rodney D. Ludema and Ian Wooton
"Regional Integration, Trade, and Migration:  Are Demand Linkages Relevant in Europe?"

97-19R James Tybout
"Manufacturing Firms in Developing Countries:  How Well Do They Do, and Why?"

97-18 Gil Mehrez and Natacha Valla
"EMU:  What if the Shocks are in the Labor Markets?"
International Journal of Business, Vol. 3, No. 1, 1998

97-17 John T. Cuddington and Hong Liang
"Commodity Price Volatility Across Exchange Rate Regimes."

97-16 Serge Moresi
"Uncertain Lifetime, Risk Aversion and Intertemporal Substitution."

97-15 Roger Lagunoff and Gerhard Glomm
"A Dynamic Tiebout Theory of Voluntary versis Involuntary Provision of Collective Goods."
Forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies

97-14 Roger Lagunoff
"A Theory of Constitutional Standards and Civil Liberty."

97-13 George Viksnins
"World Economic Growth and the Baltic States."

97-12 Roger Lagunoff and Gerhard Glomm
"On the Social Stability of Coalitional Property Rights Regimes."
Forthcoming, Social Choice and Welfare

97-11 Roger Lagunoff and H. Haller
"Markov Perfect Equilibria in Repeated Asynchronous Choice Games."

97-10 Roger Lagunoff
"Sufficiently Specialized Economies Have Nonempty Cores."

97-09 P. Richard Agenor, C. John McDermott and Eswar Prasad
"Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Developing Countries:  Some Stylized Facts."

97-08 Mitsuhiro Kaneda
"Duration of Industry Protection and the Set of Equilibrium Paths."

97-07 Ofair Razin and Susan Collins
"Real Exchange Rate Misalignments and Growth."

97-06 Roger Lagunoff
"On the Evolution of Pareto Optimal Behavior in Repeated Coordination Problems."
Revised version forthcoming: International Economic Review

97-05 Roger Lagunoff and Gerhard Glomm
"A Tiebout Theory of Public vs Private Provision of Collective Goods."
Revised version in: Journal of Public Economics, 68: 91-112 (1998). 

97-04 Paul D. McNelis and John Duffy
"Approximating and Simulating the Real Business Cycle: Linear Quadratic Methods, Parameterized Expectations, and Genetic Algorithms."

97-03 Guay C. Lim and Paul D. McNelis
"Parameterizing Exchange-Rate Risk in the Pacific Basin: Movements of the Australian Dollar Against the Yen and the US Dollar."

97-02 Daniel S. Kahn
"Production Economies and Asset Creation."

97-01 John T. Cuddington
"Analyzing the Sustainability of Fiscal Deficits in Developing Countries"

96-27 Roger Lagunoff and Akihiko Matsui
"Asynchronous Choice in Repeated Coordination Games"
Revised version in: Econometrica, 65: 1467-1477 (1997). 

96-26 Roger Lagunoff
"On Dynamic Selection of Mechanisms for Provision of Public Projects"
Revised version in: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 21: 1699-1725 (1997).

96-25 James Albrecht, Harald Lang and Susan Vroman
"The Effect of Information on the Well-Being of the Uninformed: What's the Chance of Getting a Decent Meal in an Unfamiliar City?"

96-24 Flavio Padrini
"Efficiency of the Payments System, Velocity of Circulation of Money,and Financial Markets."

96-23 George J. Viksnins
"Monetary Policy in Latvia."
Journal of Baltic Studies, Spring 1997, pp. 25-38.

96-22 G. C. Lim and Paul D. McNelis
"The Effects of the Nikkei and the S&P on the All-Ordinaries: A Comparison of the Three Models."

96-21 Paul D. McNelis
"Money Demand, Uncertainty, and Seigniorage-Maximizing Inflation in Latin America: Approximation, Learning, and Estimation with Neural Networks."

96-20 Michael Frenkel and Gil Mehrez
"Inflation and the Misallocation of Resources."

96-19 Julie Hunt and James Tybout
"Does Promoting High Tech Products Spur Development?"

96-18 Martin D. D. Evans
"Real Rates, Expected Inflation and Inflation Risk Premia"
Journal of Finance, 1997.

96-17 Martin D. D. Evans
"Techniques for Extracting Information from Index-Linked Debt"

96-16 Matthew B. Canzoneri and Behzad Diba
"Fiscal Constraints on Central Bank Independence and Price Stability"

96-15 Matthew B. Canzoneri, Javier Vallés and José Viñals
"Do Exchange Rates Move to Address International Macroeconomic Imbalances?"

96-14 Matthew B. Canzoneri, Robert E. Cumby and Behzad Diba
"Relative Labor Productivity and the Real Exchange Rate in the Long Run: Evidence for a Panel of OECD Countries"

96-13 Matthew B. Canzoneri and Harris Dellas
"Monetary Integration in Europe: Implications for Real Interest Rates and Stock Markets"

96-12 Matthew B. Canzoneri, Charles Nolan and Anthony Yates
"Mechanisms for Achieving Monetary Stability: Inflation Targeting vs the ERM"

96-11 Gil Mehrez
"Output, Employment, and Prices in an Economy with Adjustment Costs."

96-10 John T. Cuddington and Diana L. Moss
" Technological Change, Depletion and the U.S. Petroleum Industry: A New Approach to Measurement and Estimation."  This is a revision and extension of #96-10 (under a different title).
Shortened version forthcoming as "Technological Change, Depletion and the U.S. Petroleum Industry" American Economic Review (forthcoming 2001).

96-10 John Cuddington and Diana Moss
"The Finding Cost of Natural Gas: Technological Changes versus Resource Depletion."
See #96-10R above.

96-09 Gil Mehrez
"State Dependent Adjustment in an Economy with Seasonal Fluctuations."

96-08 Ralf Fendel and Michael Frenkel
"Do Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Stabilize Employment? Theoretical Considerations and Evidence from Germany."

96-07 Sofronis Clerides, Saul Lach and James Tybout
"Is "Learning-by-Exporting" Important?"
Forthcoming, Quarterly Journal of Economics

96-06 Michael Frenkel and Thomas Trauth
"The Effects of Subsidies in a Research-Driven Endogenous Growth Model."

96-05 Marius Schwartz
"Telecommunications Reform in the United States: Promises and Pitfalls." Telecommunications and Energy in Systemic Transformation: International Dynamics, Deregulation and Adjustment in Network Industries, Paul J.J. Welfens and George Yarrow, Eds., 1997. (Heidelberg and New York: Springer).

96-04 F. William McElroy
"Alternatives to the U.S. Antitrust Agency Approach to Market Definition." Forthcoming, Review of Industrial Organization.

96-03:G.C. Lim and Paul McNelis
"Stock Price Fluctuations in Australia: The Influence of Japanese and U.S. Markets."

96-02: Barry Bosworth, Susan Collins, and Yu-chin Chen
"Accounting for Differences in Economic Growth."

96-01: Michael Frenkel and Thomas Trauth
"Time Preference, Productivity, and the Growth Effects of Integration."

95-10: Serge Moresi
"Decentralized Trading and the Walrasian Outcome: On the Importance of Search Costs."

95-09: Philippe Martin and Carol Ann Rogers
"Long Term Growth and Short Term Economic Instability."

95-08: Daniel P. Driscoll and Tarhan Feyzioglu
"Does Fiscal Policy Affect the Business Cycle?"

95-07: Tarhan Feyzioglu
"On Information Flow and Exchange Rates."

95-06: Serge Moresi and John T. Cuddington
"Optimal Consumption When Mortality Rates Are Not Constant: Time Consistency and the Role of Life Insurance Markets."

95-05: Philippe Martin and Carol Ann Rogers
"Optimal Stabilization Policy in the Presence of Learning by Doing."

95-04: F. William McElroy
"Alternatives to the U.S. Antitrust Agency Approach to Market Definition."
Forthcoming, Review of Industrial Organization.

95-03: Serge Moresi
"Information Acquisition Prior to an English Auction."

95-02: James W. Albrecht, Per-Anders Edin, and Susan B. Vroman
"A Cross-country Comparison of Attitudes Towards Mothers Working and Their Actual Labor Market Experience."

95-01 John T. Cuddington, Hong Liang and Shihua Lu
"Uncertainty, Trade, and Capital Flows in Sub-Saharan Africa."

94-08 Mitsuhiro Kaneda
"Industrialization under Perfect Foresight: a Dynamic World General Equilibrium with a Continuum of Countries."
Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 66, No.2, August 1995.

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"Money Demand and Financial Liberalization: the Case of Turkey 1980-1991."

94-06 James W. Albrecht and Susan B. Vroman
"Unemployment Compensation Finance and Efficiency Wages."
Journal of Labor Economics, January 1999. 

94-05 James W. Albrecht and Susan B. Vroman
"A Note on the Long-Run Properties of the Shirking Model."
Labour Economics, September 1996.

94-04 John T. Cuddington and Tarhan Feyzioglu
"Long-Run Trends in Primary Commodity Prices: Examining Our Differences Using the ARFIMA Model."

94-03 Serge Moresi and Steven Kuhn
"Pure and Utilitarian Prisoner's Dilemmas."
Forthcoming, Economics and Philosphy.

94-02 Behzad T. Diba and Philippe Martin
"Causality Implications of the Public-Finance Approach to Inflation and Seigniorage."

94-01 Jean-Pierre Danthine and Serge Moresi
"Insider Trading: Fundamentals-Information Versus Trade-Information."

93-20:Philippe J. Martin and Carol Ann Rogers
"Industrial Location and Public Infrastructure."
Forthcoming, Journal of International Economics.

93-19 Matthew B. Canzoneri and Harris Dellas
"Real Interest Rates and the Instrument of Monetary Policy."

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"A Dynamic Aggregative Model of the AIDS Epidemic with Possible Policy Interventions."
Journal of Policy Modeling, 16, (1994), 473-496.

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"Parallel Imports, Demand Dispersion, and International Price Discrimination."
Journal of International Economics, Vol. 37, 1994.

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"The Scope for Fuel Substitution in Manufacturing Industries: a Case Study of Chile and Colombia."
World Bank Economic Review, January 1994.

93-15 Carol Ann Rogers and Philippe J. Martin
"Trade Effects of Regional Aid."
Forthcoming, R. Baldwin and J. Kiander, Eds., The European Community's New Entrants: Shifting Weights in Europe.

93-14 James Albrecht and Susan Vroman
"Evaluating Policies to Reduce the Gender Gap: An Economic Approach."
The Georgetown University Law Journal, Volume 82, Issue 1.

93-13 Kenneth A. Swinnerton
"Minimum Wages in an Equilibrium Search Model with Diminishing Returns to Labor in Production."
Forthcoming, Journal of Labor Economics.

93-12 Tarhan Feyzioglu
"A Non-Linear Filtering Technique."

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"Equity as a Call Option on Assets: Some Tests for Failed Banks."
Economics Letters, Vol. 48 (1995), pp. 389-397.

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"Volatility, Information, and NoiseTrading."
Forthcoming, European Economic Review, (Special issue on Finance, June 1993)

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"Lobbying Expenditures and Government Output: the NEA and Public Education."
Forthcoming, Southern Economic Journal.

93-08 William H. Hoyt
"Interdependent Tax Policies and Optimal Taxation."

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"Cointegration, Fractional Cointegration and Exchange Rate Dynamics."

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"An Empirical Model of Sunk Costs and the Decision to Export."
American Economic Review, September 1997, pp. 545-564.

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"The Effect of Technological Change on the Dynamics of Resource Scarcity Measures."

93-04 Y.H. Farzin
"The Importance of Foreign Investment for the Long-Run Economic Development of the United Arab Emirates."
Forthcoming, World Development, Vol. 21, No. 4, April 1993.

93-03 William H. Hoyt and Eugenia Froedge Toma
"State Mandates and Local Government Spending."

93-02 Martin Richardson
"Customs Unions and Domestic Taxes."
Forthcoming, Canadian Journal of Economics.

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"Internal Returns to Scale as a Source of Comparative Advantage: the Evidence."
(Abbreviated form in the American Economic Review, May 1993.)

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"The Macroeconomic Impact of AIDS in Malawi: a Dualistic, Labor-Surplus Economy."
Journal of African Economies, 4, 1 (1995), 1-30.

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"Nash Equilibrium in a Simple Efficiency Wage Model."
International Economic Review, February 1998.

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"Further Results on the Macroeconomic Effects of AIDS: the Dualistic, Labor-Surplus Economy."
World Bank Economic Review, 7, 3 (1993), 403-417.

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"Fortress Europe: Jericho or Chateau d'If?"

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Review of "Monetarism and Liberalization: the Chilean Experiment", by S. Edwards and A.C. Edwards. Journal of Development Economics, 42, 2 (1993), 409-419.

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American Economic Review, Vol. 84, 1994. (Published Title: "Multilateral Vertical Contracting: Nondiscrimination, Exclusivity, and Uniformity.")

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Revista De Analisis Economico, Vol. 7, No. 1, June 1992.

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"Trade Liberalization and the Dimensions of Efficiency Change in Mexican Manufacturing Industries."
Journal of International Economics, August 1995.

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"Individual Preferences, Wage/Benefit Packages and Union Membership: A Theoretical Model."

92-01 Martin Richardson
"Some Implications of Internal Trade in a Free Trade Area."

<91-18 Paul McNelis and Alan Bollard
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"Modelling the Macroeconomic Effects of AIDS with an Application to Tanzania."
World Bank Economic Review, Vol. 7, No. 2, (1993), 179-189.

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"On Information Flow and Exchange Rates."

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"Infant Industry Policy and Information Revelation."

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"Coalitional Formation in a Reforming Federal CPE."

91-13 Carlos M. Asilis and Stuart S. Brown
"Western Aid and Soviet Reform: the Role of Coordination."

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"A Nonlinear Filtering Technique for Estimating the Timing and Importance of Liquidity Constraints."

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"Estimating Returns to Scale with Large Imperfect Panels: An Application to Chilean Manufacturing Industries."
World Bank Economic Review, January 1993.

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Forthcoming, Economic Inquiry.

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"Fiscal Deficit, Financial Integration, and a Central Bank for Europe."
Forthcoming, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies.

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"Fiscal Deficit Reduction Programs in Developing Countries: Stabilizing Versus Growth in the Presence of Credit Rationing."
Estudios Economicos, Jan-June 1992.

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Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 58, No. 3, 1992./p>

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Journal of International Economics, 1991 and generalization in Canadian Journal of Economics, 1992

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"Efficiency and Stability of Decentralized Versus Centrally Arbitrated Regional Reform in the Soviet Union: the Non-Interventionist Case."

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"Who's Feeding Whom? A Balance of Payments Approach to Soviet Interrepublic Relations."

90-20 R. Preston McAfee and Marius Schwartz
"Two-part Tariffs to Competing Firms: Destructive Recontracting, Nondiscrimination, and Exclusivity."
(Replaced by 92-06)

90-19 Paul D. McNelis
"An Investigation of Geometric Shapes in Dow-Jones Industrials, 1850-1989: Is the 1987 Market Crash a Recurrent Event?"

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88-2 F. William McElroy
"Price and Welfare Effects of Oligopolistic Mergers and Acquisitions."
Bulletin of Economic Research, Vol. 43, No. 2, 1991.

88-1 John T. Cuddington and Carlos M. Urzúa
"Trends and Cycles in the Net Barter Terms of Trade: A New Approach."
Economic Journal, June 1989.

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