Housing Information

There is no on-campus housing for Georgetown graduate students. Information regarding off-campus housing, including the Georgetown Off-Campus Housing Guide & Student Handbook, may be found at the following web site:


The GU Housing Office offers free accommodations in student dorms during Search Week, normally the first week in August. For more information, contact the Office of Student Housing at (202) 687-4563. For international students, Georgetown’s Office of International Programs is offering temporary housing in student dorms from early August through Mid-August at only $22.00 per night (Prices are subject to change). For more information in regards to planning your arrival, contact the International Student and Scholar Services website at internationalservices.georgetown.edu/. There is also an off-campus possibility for international students offered by the Davis House.

Neighborhoods to Consider

(Rent amounts reflect the 2001 year. Approximated amounts are subject to change and/or increase each year)

Adams Morgan – This is an ethnically diverse area with inexpensive restaurants.The demand for housing is high and affordable locations are not easy to find. Rent for a room in a group house ranges from $450 to $600. Rent for unfurnished efficiency and one-bedroom apartments range from approximately $700-$1,000 a month; rent for two-bedrooms starts approximately around $1,000 a month; and houses cost upwards of approximately $1,600 a month.

Bethesda, Maryland – This area is located just over the northwest district line.There are parts that very convenient to Georgetown. Rents tend to be high.

Burleith – This area is located north of the campus. It is within walking distance, which makes it a popular area for students.

Capitol Hill – This area is attractive to law students because of location. It is affordable for students. Availability for housing can be scarce due to the high demand by students.

Cleveland Park/Woodley Park - This residential area is abundant with single-family homes. Many students find basements for rent. Some homes are rented to students. There are also large apartment buildings. Rent tends to be high in this area.

Dupont Circle – This is a high demand area. The University shuttle bus runs directly to Georgetown’s main campus. Rent in this area tends to be high. Rent for a room in a group house ranges from $450 to $600. Rent for unfurnished efficiency and one-bedroom apartments range from approximately $700-$1,000 a month; rent for two-bedrooms starts approximately around $1,000 a month; and houses cost upwards of approximately $1,600 a month. Parking can be difficult, especially on weekends.

Foggy Bottom – It surrounds the State Department and George Washington University. Rents tend to be high and the housing availability in this area is high in demand.

Foxhall – This residential community is located northwest of the University. Rent is not inexpensive in this area.

Glover Park – This area is located further north. Walking distance to and from campus, is approximately 10 – 20 minutes. It is a quiet residential area which is metro accessible. Most students in this area live in group houses. Rent for a room (usually excluding utilities ranges from $400 to $550 per month. Rent for efficiency apartments can cost $600. Unfurnished one-bedroom apartments costs $800 or more per month; two bedrooms start around $800, and houses costs at least $1,800 per month, and usually more.

Georgetown – This is obviously the most convenient area to live in because of its location to the University. This area is highly desirable so rents tend to be high. Two bedroom apartments can start at $1,000 per month.

Rosslyn/Arlington – This area is located directly across the Potomac River from the University. The area has reasonable renting options. A short bike ride will take you conveniently to the campus. Because rent is slightly cheaper in Arlington, many students choose to live in this area. Rent in group houses is often under $400 a month. Unfurnished one-bedroom apartments cost $650-$700 a month; two-bedrooms cost around $800 a month; houses start around $1,000. Arlington is accessible via Metro. In order to reach the University students use the GUTS shuttle-bus, by foot, or by bike. This can take from 20-40 minutes. The majority of students use their cars as their source of transportation. This area is more suburban that Washington, therefore, parking is more convenient.

Takoma Park/Silver Spring, Maryland – This area is located on a direct subway line to Dupont Circle. The University shuttle bus provides accessibility to the campus from Dupont Circle. Rents are reasonable.


Georgetown University Off-Campus Housing Service

Friends – Current or previous students of the university are wonderful resources. They can provide information regarding landlords and realtors that they found useful. They may know which students are vacating recommended apartments.

Signs – By simply walking through residential neighborhoods that you are interested in, you can find “for rent” signs.

Washington Post – The classified section offers a wide selection of housing accommodations—especially the weekend editions of this newspaper.

Local Papers - Local newspapers can be found in area grocery stores, newsstands, bookshops and record outlets.

Apartment Shoppers Guide – This free publication can be found in local food and drug stores in the area of your choice.

Realtors – The internet and the telephone yellow pages are great starting points for local looking up realtors.

Bulletin Boards – Postings found on community bulletin boards, such as those in neighborhood grocery stores, and local libraries are great leads.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

DC Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs

614 H Street, NW, Room 106, Washington, DC

Gallery Place Metro Station

General Information: (202) 727-7000

Consumer education and information: (202) 727-7067

Housing regulation and complaint branch: (202) 727-7673

Client services branch: (202) 727-7315

Arlington Tenant/Landlord Commission Office

2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 709, Arlington, VA(703) 358-3765

Courthouse Metro stop

Montgomery County Landlord/Tenant Affairs

51 Monroe Street, Ste. 1000, Rockville, MD (301) 217-3660

Rockville Metro stop

Other Government Agencies

Rental Accommodations and Conversion Division (RACO)

614 H Street, NW, Washington, DC (202) 727-7315

Gallery Place Metro Station

Zoning Regulations Division

614 H Street, NW, Washington, DC (201) 727-7530

Gallery Place Metro Station


Housing Inspection Division

614 H Street, NW, Room 106, Washington, DC (202) 727-7673

Gallery Place Metro Station

Call for housing inspection and copy of DC Housing Regulations/Code

Division of Community Assistance (VA)

Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Ste. 314, Arlington, VA (703) 358-3232

Courthouse Metro station

Call for housing inspection and copy of VA Housing Regulations/Code

Division of Code Enforcement (MD)

51 Monroe Street, Ste. 905, Rockville, MD (301) 217-3725

Rockville Metro station

Call for housing inspection.

U.S. Post Office (Inspections Branch)

900 Brentwood Road, NW, Washington, DC (202) 636-2300

Call to report stolen mail, insecure boxes, or violations of regulations.

Legal Services

Neighborhood Legal Services

701 4th Street, NW Ste. 2001, Washington, DC (202) 6872-2700

Judiciary Square Metro Station

DC Law Students In Court

419 7th Stret, NW, Washington, DC (202) 638-4798

Gallery Place Metro Station

Legal Aid Society

666 11th Street, NW, Washington, DC (202) 628-1161

Metro Center Metro Station

The Harrison Institute For Public Law

600 New Jersey Avenue, NW, 5th Floor, Washington, DC (202) 662-9600

Union Station Metro Station

Represents tenant associations, co-op and condo associations and community organizations. The institute is a non-profit service of Georgetown University Law Center and charges fees only to cover its costs.

Ayuda/Latino Project (Spanish Speaking)

1736 Colombia Road, NW, Washington, DC (202) 387-4848

Cleveland Park Metro Station

Lawyer Referral Service (VA)

1400 N. Courthouse Rd., Room 501, Arlington, VA (703) 358-3390

Courthouse Metro Station

Legal Services of Northern Virginia

2009 N. 14th Street, Ste. 705, Arlington, VA (703) 841-0304

Courthouse Metro Station

Discrimination Problems

Lawyer’s Committee For Civil Rights Under Law

1450 I Street, NW, Ste 450, Washington, DC (202) 662-8600

McPherson Square Metro Station

Deals with discrimination in employment and housing. Leave name and number when you call.

Legal Aid Society

666 11th Street, NW, Washington, DC (202) 628-1161

Human Rights and EOE Division of Arlington County

Courthouse Plaza, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Ste. 106, Arlington, VA (703) 358-3929

Courthouse Metro station

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

1801 L Street, NW, Washington, DC (202) 663-4264

Farragut West or Farragut North Metro Station

To complain about discrimination in employment.


Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO)

1900 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC (202) 833-7500

Farragut West Metro station, 18th St. exit

Provides electricity for DC and Maryland.

Virginia Power

Alexandria District Office, 907 West Glebe Road, VA (703) 934-9670

Provides electricity for Virginia.

DC Public Works Department, Bureau of Water Measurement and Billing

613 G Street, NW, 2nd Floor (202) 727-5240

Gallery Place Metro station

Provides water service and billing.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

14501 Switzer Lane, Laurel MD, (301) 206-8000

Provides water and sewer service in most of Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, MD.

Arlington County Utilities Services Division

Courthouse Plaza, 2100 N. Clarendon Blvd. Suite 807, Arlington, VA (703) 358-6485

Courthouse Metro Station

Provides water service in the Arlington area.

Bell Atlantic Telephone Company

To order residence service, call (202) 954-6263

For repairs, call (202) 954-6611

Washington Gas Light Company

Main Office: 1100 H Street, NW, Washington, DC

(703) 750-1000

Metro Center Metro station, F Street exit

Provides gas service for DC, Virginia and Maryland.


Small Claims Court

500 Indiana Avenue, NW, Rm. JM-260, Washington, DC (202) 879-1037

Judiciary Square Metro station, F Street exit

To sue any DC business for up to $2000

Arlington Civil Court

1400 N. Courthouse Road, Rm. 128, Arlington, VA (703) 358-4590

Courthouse Metro station

To sue any Virginia business.

Montgomery County Civil Court

50 Courthouse Square, Rockville, MD (301) 217-7063

Rockville Metro station

Handles civil cases for the immediate Maryland area.


Legislative Services Division

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Rm. 28, Washington, DC (202) 724-8050

Federal Triangle Metro station

To order copies of laws concerning rent control, condominium conversions, security deposits, etc.

Office of Passport Services

1425 K Street, NW, Washington, DC (202) 647-0518

McPherson Square Metro station

Voter Registration

441 4th Street, NW, Washington, DC (202) 727-2525

Judiciary Square Metro station

Dog Licenses

1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC (202) 576-6664

Union Station Metro Station (must take bus or taxi from there)