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Empowering Data-Driven Leaders in Economics

Advance Your Future in Economics

The Department of Economics is committed to inspiring and enlightening our undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. students through high-quality instruction and a rigorous curriculum, equipping them to become future leaders in economic analysis, research and policy. We attract engaged faculty members conducting leading-edge theoretical and applied research that pushes the boundaries of economic knowledge. At the heart of our mission is an unwavering dedication to cultivating a dynamic academic environment that sparks intellectual curiosity and fosters cutting-edge research. Our commitment to instruction and research extends beyond the classroom, aligning with our broader goals of serving the profession and society.

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Advancing Economics Through Research

The Georgetown Economics Department is committed to advancing the field through research. We’re home to the esteemed Center for Economics Research (GCER), which fosters an environment of open and rigorous inquiry into economic policy issues. At GCER, economists come together from across Georgetown, enabling the university to lead in sound policymaking. We host workshops, conferences and lectures, and encompass initiatives like the DC Political Economy Center and Georgetown Center for Public Practice. Backed by our renowned senior faculty, who are leading scholars in their respective fields, there are opportunities for students to gain research experience, both through program-affiliated projects and across campus.

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Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team comprises full-time faculty, adjunct professors and supportive staff committed to providing students with the guidance and support needed throughout the academic journey. Whether through engaging discussions in the classroom or providing valuable resources, our team aims to empower students and help them thrive. Together, we strive to create a collaborative environment that promotes learning, growth and success.

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