Course of Study

The MA-PECO program begins with a mandatory two-week non-credit “Math Camp” that reviews basic results on calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics. To fulfill the degree requirements, students must then complete four core courses (12 credits) and six elective courses (18 credits).

The MA-PECO program is divided in two parts. The first part, corresponding to the fall term, consists of a set of four core courses – Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, and Data Analysis. After completing these core courses, students will have an in-depth understanding of the analyses pertinent to the discussion of political economy and will have the skills needed to undertake original research projects and their own data analyses.

MA-PECO students choose six elective courses (3 in the spring term at Solvay Brussels and 3 in the summer term at Georgetown). Students focus on the application of political economy analysis to a range of contemporary problems. These applications are the subject of a set of elective courses that span the main areas of political economy.

The electives use relatively advanced textbooks, articles published in professional journals and recent working papers. Readings generally cover both theoretical and empirical results and range from classic contributions to work closer to the frontiers of economics. In addition to assigned homework and exams, students typically write papers, give presentations, and are often required to conduct empirical work as a component of their course assignments.