Tutoring for Undergraduates


Dear Principles of Econ student,
Still struggling with problem sets?  Still wondering if it is a shift or a movement on the supply curve?  Please attend FREE peer tutoring sessions before your final. See below for details for the date and time that best suits your needs:

Monday, 12/8, 8-10 pm, ICC 107.

Tutors: Kelly O'Keefe (micro), John Horton (micro)

Tuesday, 12/9, 8-10 pm, ICC 107.

Tutors: Kshithij Shrinath (macro), John Horton (micro)

Wednesday, 12/10, 6:30-8:30 pm, ICC 102/ICC 104.

Tutors: Alex Cave (both), Nick Weigel (micro)

Wednesday, 12/10, 8-10 pm, WGR 202/WGR 204.

Tutors: Kelly O'Keefe (micro), Anashua Dutta (micro), Nick Weigel (micro)

Thursday, 12/11, 4-6 pm, ICC 102/104.

Tutors: Alec Orgera (both), Tyler Patrick (macro)

Thursday, 12/11, 6:30-8:30 pm, ICC 119/ICC 213.

Tutors: Anashua Dutta (micro), Tyler Patrick (macro)

Thursday, 12/11, 8-10 pm, WGR 202/WGR 204.

Tutors: Alex Cave (both), Kshithij Shrinath (macro), Alec Orgera (both)