Tutoring for Undergraduates

The School of Foreign Service and Department of Economics offer free peer tutoring services to students in Econ-001, Econ-002.  Tutor specializations are listed following each tutor's name. Please contact Head Tutor John Horton at jah332@georgetown.edu with any questions.

Tutoring for the Econ 001 and 002 final exams will be held at the following times:

Tuesday, May 3:
8pm to 10pm, ICC 101: Olivia Berman (micro), Aditya Pande (macro)

Wednesday, May 4:
8pm to 10pm, ICC 103: Katie Hyland (micro), Giulia Martins (macro)

Thursday, May 5:
6pm to 8pm, ICC 107: Olivia Berman (micro), Aditya Pande (macro)
8pm to 10pm, ICC 105: Zachary Frial (micro), Cleo Fan (macro)

Sunday, May 8:
12pm to 2pm, ICC 101: John Horton (micro), Harry Rosner (macro)
2pm to 4pm, ICC 105: Katie Hyland (micro), Giulia Martins (macro)
6pm to 8pm, ICC 101: Zachary Frial (micro), Cleo Fan (macro)
8pm to 10pm, ICC 107: John Horton (micro), Harry Rosner (macro)