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Dual Degree Programs

Ph.D. (Economics)/M.A. (German and European Studies)
M.S. (Foreign Service)/M.A. (Economics)
M.P.P. (Public Policy) / M.A. (Economics)
M.A. Program in Chile (ILADES)

Ph.D. (Economics)/M.A. (German and European Studies)

The MAGES/Ph.D. in Economics is designed for students with well-defined doctoral aspirations in Economics who wish to augment their Ph.D. coursework with a multidisciplinary regional focus on Germany and Europe. Application to the program is usually made during the first year of study in the graduate program in Economics. However, students with strong quantitative skills and a solid background in Economics may apply to pursue both degrees simultaneously. In this case, students should submit separate applications to both degree programs. The MAGES/Ph.D. Economics program consists of four years of coursework and students must satisfy the requirements of both programs. For more information on the MAGES program, please contact the Center for German and European Studies at (202)687-5602.

M.S. (Foreign Service)/M.A. (Economics)

Students can pursue an M.A. in Economics as a part of a joint Master's degree with the School of Foreign Service. This program is aimed at students with an economics background and strong quantitative skills whose career interests necessitate graduate study in international affairs and economics. The MSFS/M.A. degree is a 5 semester, 54 credit program. Students must apply to each program separately and must be admitted by each department. Criteria for admission to the Economics component of this program are the same as for the Ph.D. Program.

Students pursue both degrees simultaneously and must satisfy the minimum requirements of both programs: minimum 3.0 grade point average for each program, successful completion of the MSFS language and political geography examinations, and comprehensive examinations in the MSFS program. Students are not required to take the Economics qualifying examinations. There is no dissertation requirement. For more information on the MSFS program, please call (202) 687-5763.

M.P.P. (Public Policy) / M.A. (Economics)

The Georgetown Public Policy Institute and the Department of Economics offers a joint program through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. This program leads to the receipt of both the Master of Public Policy and Master of Arts in Economics degrees. Students in this program will develop the fundamental tools of policy analysis while obtaining a rigorous background in analytical economics. Students will specialize in policy and economic analysis in a specific arena, such as political economy, regulatory policy, social policy, or health economics. This program is aimed at students who have a substantive interest in pursuing a career in public policy, and are interested in focusing on economic policy issues. This program can be structured to focus on either domestic or international policy topics.

The M.P.P./M.A. degree is a 55 credit, five semester program. Students pursue both degrees simultaneously, and must satisfy the course work requirements of both programs (see here) . In addition, the students must maintain a "B" (3.0/4.0) grade point average in both departments; the GPPI and Economics departments will separately compute grade point averages.

Students must meet the general requirements and apply for admission to both programs. In order to be considered for direct admission into the joint program, students must have completed course work equivalent to at least an undergraduate minor in economics, and finished both Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory with a B+ or better in both courses. Students must also have successfully completed two semesters of calculus (with a combined average of B), and at least one course in statistics or probability. Linear algebra is also recommended.

Students who do not have a sufficient economics or mathematics background may satisfy the preparatory economics theory and math course requirements during the first year of their GPPI program and apply for admission to the joint program in their second year. Students who enter the joint program in the second year will probably need an additional semester in order to complete both degrees (a total of six semesters). Students who are currently enrolled in the graduate program in Economics may also apply for admission to the joint program in their second (or higher) year of study. Their acceptance will be contingent on their successful progress in graduate course work and the recommendation of members of the Economics faculty. For more information about the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, please call (202) 687-5932.

M.A. Program in Chile (ILADES)

In addition to its programs in Washington, D.C., Georgetown cooperates with the Latin American Institute of Doctrine and Social Studies (ILADES) to offer a four-semester program leading to the Master of Arts degree in Economics. This program is conducted in Santiago, Chile. Students who complete the M.A. at ILADES are sometimes able to enter the Ph.D. program with advanced standing. Inquiries about this program should be addressed to ILADES/Georgetown University, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Erasmo Escala 1835, Santiago - Chile; Tel: (56-2) 889-7356.

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