Each masterclass offers the opportunity to hear a notable contributor to a body of knowledge give an authoritative account of a field of theoretical or applied research. A mix of PhD students, academic and professional researchers, and business analysts from the USA and worldwide attend.

The price for each of the masterclasses is as follows: Students from Higher Education Institutions $500; Faculty from Higher Education Institutions $950; Government and Employees of Non-Profit organization $950; All others $1750. Note we will assign a limited number of places for students, and we will offer a discounted price for organizations which send multiple participants. If your organization wishes to send multiple particiapants, please contact us to arrange a reduced price before individuals from your organization register and pay seperately.  

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Spring 2017

May 8-9, 2017
Bryan S. Graham, UC Berkeley
Econometric Analysis of Network Data

This masterclass will provide an overview of econometric methods appropriate for the analysis of social and economic networks. Many social and economic activities are embedded in networks. Furthermore, datasets with natural graph theoretic (i.e., network) structure are increasingly available to researchers. We will review (i) how to describe, summarize and visually present network data and (ii) formal econometric models of network formation that admit heterogeneity, strategic behavior, and/or dynamics. The focus will be on the formal development of methods, but selected empirical examples will also be covered, as will methods of practical computation. 


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