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Below is a list of courses offered by our department.

Undergraduate Courses

Professor B. Diba
Prof. Sabetghadam, Prof. Jahan-Parvar
ECON-156 Poverty
Professor M. Ravallion
Connelly, Mark
ECON-459 Game Theory
Professor Bouton, Professor Anderlini
Eric Gould

Masters in Foreign Service Courses

Professors R. Cumby and A. Mayda

Masters in Applied Economics Courses

Professor W. Jack
Professor B. Diba
ECON-553 Econometrics
Professor Harding
ECON-554 Data Analysis
Agnieszka Postepska
Professor Nichols
Professor Carlson
Professor Nichols
Prof. Zimmerman
Professor Glazerman
Prof. John Rogers
Professor John Rogers
Professor Trimbur

Ph.D. Courses

Professor R. Lagunoff
Professor D. Cao
Professor M. Huggett
Professor M. Evans
Professor J. Rust
Professors J. Rust and F. Vella
Professor A. Mayda
Professor R. Lagunoff
Professor A. Levinson
guest speakers

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